Blueprint Global

Blueprint Global, A Distinguished International Leader in Luxury Real Estate

Renowned for its unparalleled track record in successfully crafting, structuring, and bringing to market some of the world’s most exceptional real estate developments. Its unique, fully integrated project planning and execution services, marketing expertise and distribution platform have consistently delivered success in realizing a multitude of complex urban, recreational, and mixed-use real estate projects for our valued clients and partners.

Blueprint Global’s impact extends to diverse landscapes, including mountain resorts, beach destinations, vibrant urban centers, wellness-focused developments, and cutting-edge retail spaces, as well as unparalleled golf retreats.

Blueprint Global the Official Exclusive Partner of the Global Wellness Institute in Canada

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI), the leading nonprofit dedicated to research and education in the global wellness industry, has partnered with Blueprint Global, an international leader in luxury real estate, to showcase and explore Canada’s unique wellness landscape.

 “Wellness in all its forms plays a vital role in our pursuit of longer, healthier, and more mindful lifestyles. At Blueprint Global, we prioritize health and wellbeing in the man-made environment. Through our collaboration with GWI, we aim to establish stronger connections with Canada’s wellness industry while contributing to the empowering work being done by the Global Wellness Institute.” Jean-Pierre Miramont, CEO of Blueprint Global

300+ Projects • 10,000+ Units Sold • 15+ Countries • $30 Billion+ Sales