Blueprint Global

Imagine living in the world’s most extraordinary places?

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Welcome from JP Miramont, President of Blueprint Global

There are many different ways to build a successful business in the world of global Real Estate, for those of us at Blueprint it all begins and ends with our customers. We are obsessive in our focus on our clients and the products, services, and experiences they seek. Everything we do as a team is about generating peak consumer moment in a highly competitive marketplace.

Our industry is evolving at an extraordinary pace. Today’s consumers are better informed, better educated, more demanding and, armed with the Internet, they have access to a broad range of competitive options. At Blueprint we believe in disciplined process management, market leading systems & technology and the value of deep-dive market analytics. We plan for success and we execute based on tactical business plans, strategic execution plans and constant market testing and business plan validation.

We are Storytellers. As innovators in the marketing of our products and services, data base management, geo-targeting and web optimization, these tools alone are not sufficient. Great Storytelling captures the imagination driving word of mouth and viral awareness. The story of a project connects with its soul… its values and its livability, these are the factors that create a personal connection and urgency.

The most successful projects begin with clarity of vision; project value optimization is the result of focused planning, disciplined execution, and dedicated team members. At Blueprint we are thought leaders not pattern makers. We seek to be the very best at what we do. We consider ourselves to be passionate and creative ‘Placemakers’.